Mayfield and Graves County Real Estate Information

If you are thinking about buying or selling real estate in Mayfield, Kentucky or really anywhere in Graves County, we hope this page will be a resource to help you out.


Throughout his years as a real estate attorney, Greg has had the privilege to assist hundreds of clients in Mayfield and throughout Graves County with buying and selling their homes, businesses and farm land. Here are some of the local resources that you can use to help you make a buying or selling decision.


The first place that to start when looking for information on a piece of property is the Property Valuation Assessor's office. The Graves County PVA is very accessible and friendly and will help you out. At that office, they can give you the assessed taxable value as well as many other helpful pieces of information such as the square footage and acreage associated with the property.


Next, if you have a question relating to the title to the real estate, you would go to the Graves County Clerk's Office for information. Both the PVA and the clerk are located in the courthouse in downtown Mayfield. The County Clerk's office is super helpful and will help you copy a deed, easement or plat as needed. The County Clerk also has delinquent property tax information.


Last, you are looking for information regarding the current year's taxes, you will need to contact the Graves County Sheriff.  Their office is right across from the PVA office, so you can get a lot of information with one stop to the courthouse.


If you do not have a specific property in mind and are looking for help with the buying process, the Mayfield-Graves County Board of Realtors is a good place to start. There you can connect with qualified local real estate professionals who can help you find what you are looking for.


If you are new to the area or are looking to locate in Mayfield, Farmington, Symsonia, Sedalia or one of the other towns in Graves County, then the Mayfield Graves County Chamber of Commerce has several resources and people to welcome you to the area.


Practicing real estate law in a town like Mayfield has so many rewards. Working with good people and developing long lasting relationships are among the many benefits of staying home to practice law.


We hope this information has been beneficial. After closing thousands of real estate transactions over the years, Greg would love to be the real estate attorney who helps you close on your next property. Feel free to call the office at 270-761-4558 or email Greg at to talk to him any time.