Probate Law

After a loved one has passed away, the time comes to administer the estate. This can be a painful time and many people desire assistance navigating the complex court process associated with probating the Will and administering an estate.

Greg can handle the entire probate process for you, from proving the Will and getting an Administrator or Executor appointed to final settlement and distribution of the estate assets.


Many times the process is more complicated than people realize and, after probating hundreds of estates over the years, Greg has the experience necessary to guide you through the process with compassion and understanding. For a more complex estate, Greg can even assist with post mortem planning and tax elections.


In general, there are three stages to probate. First, a hearing is held on the petition to open the estate, and an Administrator or Executor is appointed. Next, the Administrator or Executor marshalls the assets of the estate and reports back to the court on what assets he or she has discovered. This is called filing the Inventory of the estate. Finally, after all creditors have had six months to file any claims against the estate, the Administrator or Executor will pay any claims and then finalize the estate by paying the heirs.


If you are involved in a probate case and run into something that you are unsure how to handle, please give our firm a call. You will find that we are courteous and trustworthy, and able to provide you with excellent service.